Serkan Özyılmaz
Volkan Öktem
Erkut Gökgöz
Jozi levi
Gülden Teztel
Fatih Erkoç
Eylem Pelit
Eray Zikguş
Ercüment Ateş
Yahya Dai
Ömer Göksel
Levent Altındağ
Halil İbrahim Işık
Şenova Ülker
Ercan Irmak
Serdar Barçın
Meriç Demirkol
Gökay Gökşen
Doğan Aykon
Aycan Teztel


This project is the first of its kind and I can gladly call it "our" album
thanks to the dedication of all the musicians involved.
They put not only their competence, but also their hearts into this music.

I am grateful to all the musicians, technical and supporting team who
worked in a highly professional manner, but also with a truly amateur
spirit, in order to squeeze the best out of what we had in our hands.

I also wish to thank my family, my friends and a close circle who,
even though they might not be directly involved in the production,
provided the crucial support in our worst moments when we got
close to giving up.